How does the use of location-aware applications change our experience of the world?

10 Oct

The use of location-aware applications can change the people experience of the world where it demonstrate the use of that person searching location status. Many location-aware application has a feature where people with the same app can browse through the map to find that user location status for e.g. an individual that has been accepted upon that users’ request from that location-aware application can search for that friend or a family member, and it identify the person location status through a map with icons appear on his/her smartphone or tablet. Location-aware applications can also search different shops or places onto the map to locate the user nearest location as a GPS technological format.

Foursquare “check ins” 

I think foursquare is a really good example of location-aware application where it deals with location from users mobile device with interaction. There is feature where it only shared with other people when the user decides whether they want to “check in” to tell Foursquare their particular location in private or they can ‘check ins’ with a friend or a family member to share their location status. For e.g. a mother of that child is worried that this son hasn’t arrived at home at a certain time so she will use her Foursquare app to map out the location status of our son.

Foursquare 2013, Privacy 101: What we think when we think about privacy,Foursqaure Headquarters, New York City, viewed 10 Oct 2013, <>

Is location awareness a momentous development or merely a passing fed?

I think that location awareness has become a momentous development rather than a passing fed where the future of technology is really approach very fast in terms of people uses smartphones and tablets to deal with mapping and navigational purposes.

Here a YouTube video explaining the user’s adaptation of location technologies that are bringing experience, navigation approach to change our perception of the world.

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