Are social media becoming political media?

01 Oct

I think people in nowadays are not aware with the situation about politicians adopting to social media as an instant communication tool. Social media can give people decision to discuss politics to the politician members to spread the message throughout their Facebook page wall or in twitter with a tweet that seeks their attention, and also raising awareness of the political uses of social media platforms for e.g. seeking interaction throughout Facebook and twitter from the latest update on the federal election campaign happen on 7th September 2013 are shaping up with the votes. Social media has become an important role in political campaign to shape people opinion via online, and it get people to contribute in public.

The Conversation 2013, Moving politics online: How Australian Mainstream Media portray social media as political tool, The Conversation Media Group, viewed 30 September 2013, <>

What are the role of social media in politics?

The role of social media in politics can really play the minds of politicians to receive information where the people are entitle to express their opinions about the political decisions. It kind of a good thing that social media is revolved around our daily lives being connected 24/7 online to discuss politics with their own country state politician members to form part into a discussion to write their comments. This is a supported resource material where it discusses the Australia’s youngest Prime Minister, Wyatt Roy sharing his thoughts and experience adopting to social media to receive feedback, and also how different politician members are engaging more with the audience with instant messages responded from his Facebook and Twitter account. This suggest that politicians are beginning to see the benefit in using social media as a tool to seek for political news from day to day basis.

WyattRoy MP 2013, Role of social media in politics, Liberal National Party, OLD, viewed 30 September 2013, <>

Can twitter and Facebook really become a sustained weapon in political struggle?

I think twitter and Facebook has become a sustained weapon if they really need to discuss any circumstances that relates to politics. The politicians can be connected with users to have an opportunity to be more socialise and contribute in an instant communication tool where they can discuss anything involves around political struggle to be changed for different countries around the world.


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