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Social Media- Base Assignment on YouTube


In this report, we as a group going to be analyzing the feature and functionality of a social media based company called YouTube. We are analyzing the overview and history of YouTube, Statistics illustrating how much they are adopting YouTube as a social media platform all over the world with interaction between users and celebrities. YouTube is considered one of the best social media organization to develop to users with video blogging experience while watching video clips online. We also be discussing the seven important steps of the ‘Building blocks’ of social media consisted of Identity, Conversation, Sharing, Presence, Relationships, Reputation and groups involving around YouTube with the online community. We going to be analysis the experience from a group member upload his videos online to get an interaction with comments, likes and dislikes, subscribers and rating of their clip.

1. Overview analysis of social media app/platform: YouTube

Founded in February 2005, YouTube is an online video-sharing website that allows billions of people around the world to discover, watch and share originally created videos. YouTube can be viewed from most popular web-browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer including multi platform based devices including tablets and smartphone apps. YouTube provides a forum for people to connect, comment, inform, and inspire others across the globe and acts as a distribution platform for original content creators and advertisers large and small.

History overview

Three former PayPal employees Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim created YouTube in 2005. Hurley obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Design at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Chen and Karim achieved their Computer Science degrees together at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The brainstorming idea behind YouTube was to be an online solution for these three friends to share videos amongst their friends. It was a difficult operation beginning in Chad’s garage and took seven months before launching their first video online. Image

Wikipedia 2010, YouTube Founders digital image, Wikimedia Foundation, viewed 19 September 2013, <>.

During that period no one visited the site and things weren’t going as well as they’d hoped. In result of the matter they advertised on Craigslist offering money to attractive women to post on YouTube and still there was no response. This forced them back to the drawing board and soon returned with a fresh new design and with added social networking capabilities to make YouTube more Web 2.0 creating more of a place for the community.

YouTube re-launched in December 2005 and was an instant hit; streaming 3 million videos per day, in 2006 it grew to 100 million videos a day. In that year Karim left the YouTube group to study for a Masters in Computer Science at Stanford University. In November of that same year Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion and since the purchase YouTube began to skyrocket in success of attracting over 60% traffic for all video sites was going to YouTube; all of it’s competitors combined.

YouTube was more than just about traffic, it was about the community and a place where people can share their works and inspire others to create as well. In addition to this new social media success YouTube have announced its milestone: 1 billion users monthly. Companies and advertising agents are getting on board with their pre-video ads and it’s giving them excellent exposure and response. Users have adapted with this form of social media in their everyday online activity particularly student’s, teachers and enthusiasts have found YouTube to be a major valuable resource in education including tutorials. Image BBC 2013, Co-Founder of YouTube digital image, Headquarters broadcasting house, viewed 19 September 2013, <>. On April 23, 2005,

YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim posted the very first video to YouTube, entitled ‘Me at the Zoo.’ The video is exactly how it sounds: Karim at the San Diego zoo standing in front of the elephants and talking about their trunks.

Image Find the Capital 2013, YouTube got its first one million-hit Nike ad video digital image, Marketing system industry, viewed 19 September 2013, <>.

In September 2005, YouTube got its first one million-hit video

The video was a Nike ad that went viral. It was a clip of Brazilian soccer player Ronaldinho receiving his pair of Golden Boots. Nike was also one of the first major companies to embrace YouTube’s promotional potential. Image

Allure Media 2013, A baby named Charlie tool the world by storm in May 2007 digital image, Buisness Insider Australia international, viewed 19 September 2013, <>.

A baby named Charlie took the world by storm in May 2007

This 56-second viral video of a toddler biting his brother’s finger and then smiling is one of the most watched YouTube clips ever. At the time of publication, the video has half a billion views. As of February 2012, the family behind the video had made more than $150,000. Image Allure Media 2013, Usher introduced the world to Justin Bieber via a video on YouTube digital image, Business Insider Australia International, viewed 19 September 2013, <>. In April 2009, Usher introduced the world to Justin Bieber via a video on YouTube

Usher also announced that Bieber signed a recording contract with Island Def Jam records. Now, Justin Bieber’s Baby is one of the most viewed videos on YouTube, with more than 820 million views. That month, YouTube also won a Peabody Award for its achievements in electronic media.


Image Allure Media 2013, YouTube doing it live in April 2011 digital image , Business Insider Australia International, viewed 19 September 2013, <>.

YouTube started doing it live in April 2011

In April 2011, YouTube officially entered the broadcast business with the launch of YouTube Live. YouTube Live has allowed the site to stream everything from concerts to news coverage to the royal wedding to the Olympics. Image Allure Media 2013, Watch a live-stream of the Olympics in July 2012 digital image, Business Insider Australia International, viewed 19 September 2013, <>.

For the first time ever, people all over the world were able to watch a live-stream of the Olympics in July 2012 For the Summer Olympics, YouTube powered NBC’s online video experience to let users watch any event live. You could also access the footage from essentially any device, be that your computer, mobile phone, or tablet. Image Allure Media 2013, YouTube became to go-to place for the presidential election in August 2012 digital image, Business Insider Australia International, viewed 19 September 2013, <>.

Youtube Became the go-to place for the presidential election in August 2012  YouTube launched a one-stop channel for live election coverage in August 2012 called the YouTube Elections Hub. In addition to streaming the live speeches from the Republican National Convention and Democratic National Convention, it featured content from eight news entities: ABC News, Al Jazeera English, BuzzFeed, Larry King, The New York Times, Phil DeFranco, Univision, and The Wall Street Journal. Image Allure Media 2013, Gangnam Style hit 1 billion views in December 2012 digital image, Business Insider Australia International, viewed 19 September 2013, <>.

In a little over 5 months, Gangnam Style hit 1 billion views in December 2012 It’s now the number one video on YouTube with more than 1.3 billion views. 2012 in general was also huge for YouTube, with people watching more than 4 billion hours worth of video every month. Image

Daily Infographic 2010, A brief history of YouTube digital image, South Carolina, US, viewed 19 September 2013, <>.

A brief history of YouTube (Infographic)

2. ‘Building Blocks’ of Social Media


When people upload videos on YouTube, it doesn’t reveal any personal information about the user details. Sometimes users can create a description about their personal information detail if they feel to be more sociable towards users online. The YouTube platform shows users the title of the video and the specific date it was upload and a small descriptions about themselves. YouTube is one of social media platform that doesn’t identify the user’s personal information towards online when interacting about the users’ video clip.


YouTube facilitate communication between users to gain into a conversation video blogging online on an uploaded video to express their opinions. This gives an opportunity to user to engage, invite and participate in a conversation video blog online. User sometimes there are can have a significant impact to write inappropriate and offensive language comments towards other users or a particular video they viewed. The conversation on YouTube can be managed for a long period of time for people interactive online until YouTube decided to delete the video permanently. This allows user to read certain comments on YouTube where they can like or dislike, reply and rate during the conversation. Sometimes when you upload a video on YouTube, it’s hard to get user to interact online when you need their attention to start posting a comment.


User are allow to share their upload video by exchanging and distributing the content towards ten different social media platform for interaction purposes. The ten social media platform they can share their uploaded videos consisted of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, Blogger, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Linkedin, pinterest and Bkohtakte. In Flew’s participatory culture readings, he mentions ‘that the capacity for users to access, share and verify information from a wide range of global sources’. This is clearly the same process for users to share their content from the videos but YouTube will check the user verify information to make sure it doesn’t contain any offensive or sexual behaviour.


There are many random users on YouTube that are socially and interactivity other users online whether their account is legitimate or fake. This can depend on whether the user profile account is being banned from YouTube for inappropriate behaviour or is not available and for conversations with online community. The users’ presence are known as anonymous with normal registered users and celebrities adopting to YouTube with followers the individual subscribe and viewers been added into their profile. Sometimes users have an option to delete their YouTube account and remove from the conversation and they are no longer exist as YouTube video bloggers.


YouTube does not identify the users’ relationship status whether they are friends, romantic, married, single, it normally signifies them as anonymous. There are many users on YouTube have the option to post up a description of their relationship status if they feel comfortable sharing their personal information towards random users. Most users would use the second option to block their relationship status from YouTube confidentially and would consider to stay as anonymous to interact unknown users they never connected or communicate with. Relationships with YouTube users can depend on the type of video they upload, so if the user uploaded a video consisting of a marriage, they can know the user is a married individual.


The reputation of YouTube is built for users for social activity and interaction to add list of friends they wish to set up as their conversation buddy online. YouTube is a well-managed reputation not only for the organisation itself, but for users to upload videos that meet their online users’ desire and needs such as tutorials, movies, and TV series being to the community online to view. YouTube can be a reliable enough for users to upload videos and comment anything about how they express their opinion Users intend to follow up that conversation until a user decided to start another conversation. People don’t related their comments about the video for example; If the video is about a demonstration of a person doing push ups, the first half people would comments something positive or negative whereas the second half of people would comment on a random topics not related to the video discussion such a lyric from a song or a funny script from a movie.


Groups are normally form when a YouTube user upload a video and starts a conversation video blogging, these friends consider as followers. The followers are the users’ list of friend they added for interact worldwide whether they related or not. The Subgroup is usually the people that has been added to their YouTube account in which when you click on their profile name, you can view the discussion page of his/her friend’s conversation page during their time being register as a YouTube user. Also there is a list of random users can subscribe from another user YouTube profile account they can add from two category of subscribers such as ‘People That I like’ or ‘Related channels on YouTube’.

3. Utlising the Social Media (YouTube) 

Our experience with Youtube is that it has been becoming less of a social tool (they are trying to move the social media aspect over to Google Plus).  It is still, nevertheless, a powerful social tool. Interaction with audiences is very easy, should you want that to happen.  You are able to comment on other peoples videos, and anybody can reply to those comments. A channel that is starting off in 2013 will not get the number of views it would have gotten in 2009. It takes a lot more work to get noticed. For example, in 2009, video responses were a great way for a youtube channel to get noticed. Replies to popular videos would attract direct traffic through the response section of that video, and would also get the attention of the original publisher of that video, which would start a conversation, and this would, in some cases, bring a massive leap in traffic. This can be demonstrated in the analytics for one of our channels. The highlighted portion is the spike I had in views from one of the conversations. (and this channel had a similar spike in subscribers). early analytics   However, since the site has been growing exponentially, this functionality became less and less important. Most of the time video responses got ignored, and while in 2009, you would get entire conversations happening in youtube videos which thousands would watch, people stopped doing that, and the nature of personal videos changed, from being personal messages that others watched to being mass communication. There are other ways that it has become more difficult to interact socially in Youtube.  Popular youtubers now get literally millions of comments, and so physically can’t keep up with the continuous stream. There is no longer an alert to show that you have a comment or a reply on the front page of the site, you have to either go to your comment page or to your email (if you have notifications switched on).  It is, however, easier to sit back and watch related videos. Between 2009 and 2012, it was very easy to get traffic to a video by tagging it with the tags of a more popular video. This led to a spate of videos that were not related at all cropping up next to popular videos. The solution to this exploit led to Youtube developing algorythms that accounted for time watched, so videos that did not get watched all the way to the end did not crop up in related videos. Unfortunately for the social media side of things, this also  limits the interaction still further. Other factors that make things difficult is that you can’t navigate easily to the inbox. This means that it is hard to see new comments, whereas back in 2009, there was always an alert on the frontpage when you had new comments or new personal messages. On the whole, as a personal social media tool, many of the social features  Youtube are being superseded by Facebook. As a mass social media tool, it has its own functionality, but it is becoming less of a social media tool (Google seem to be transferring many social media aspects to googleplus). That being said, it is still a valuable resource.


YouTube is a social media platform that can be tricky to adopt and interactive with other users online depending on the time and the video is been uploaded. Our research from our report has been demonstrated with interesting points where most celebrities would use social media to communicate, advertising and promotion that could succeed in the future. Utilizing the YouTube is difficulties and less experiences for Sry and I (Jorge) to upload the videos since we only register an account for the first time for the use for this social media based assignment where as Philip has more experience of interacting with users with the online community since 2009.

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Social Media- Base Assignment on YouTube

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