Can we expect to have privacy if we use social media? How do you manage your own privacy online? Compile a list of privacy guidelines based on your own social media experiences.

18 Sep

I believe once something is posted online it is no longer private to the NSA and to the Government. Our trust is in the companies such as our national bank and Paypal for keeping our personal information secure. Most of social network sites require a sign up before posting but it also gives the user access to other peoples profiles so unless you are security savvy and aware on your online presence you’re most likely to receive some unknown friend requests and/or messages from strangers.

In regards to my own privacy guideline I find the terms and conditions of use very important to me; I scan read the fine print and anything to do with costs, liability and access of personal information involving a third party whether I recognize them or not are all factors determining my decision. I find it so important to consider privacy and it should not be overlooked.

During my research I gathered several newspaper articles printed in Melbourne, Australia and found an alarming growth of online credit card frauds, over a 1.1 million cases reported according to The Reserve Bank annual figures, Johnston, E.J, 2012. One million credit card crimes. The Age, National, 1,3.

Johnston, E.J, 2012. One million credit card crimes. The Age, National, 1,3

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