Are we becoming digital narcissists with social media?

11 Sep

In nowadays, social media has become a best friend tool for many users, especially when user’s logon to Facebook and twitter every five to ten minutes. Many people would log on to Facebook and twitter during their spare time to socialise with their friends online about their daily lives when they bored at work, school, university or even at home. Many users Facebook has become more digital narcissist in terms of themselves express their personality when posting photographs of themselves to look cool, nice, pretty and even funny.

Their looks engages the awareness and the attention to other users online to either dislike or like the photo and sometimes those people can comment either something negative or positive. There are people in nowadays adopting social media to post and capture photos examples such as people driving to capture a photo instantly. There is another example where users normally on Facebook to posted a photo of themselves eating during lunch or dinner with the capture image of the food plate they consuming.

How do you manage your online identity?

When I go on Facebook, I manage to keep my personal online identity private at all times. I don’t really post any personal comments and photos on Facebook. There only time when I post a comment when only topics involves with everyone socially for instance; My footy team has beaten a really efficient and difficult team, this is the comment that I posted this past Sunday ‘Go Carlton, we beat Richmond, what a win’ a quote from Jorge. When I go on Facebook, I rarely chat to my friends online as I prefer to communicate with them in person or on mobile phone.

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