Produsage and Production

28 Aug

What is the different between produsage and production?  

The definition of Produsage is a term is use to create the content information from an opened source software development with good and service online such as Wikipedia. Production is a term refers as an action from different roles of workers within the team with responsibilities, and they must have knowledge and skills in order to complete the development of the product.

This is a link explaining Axel Bruns process of produsage and production.

Academia 2013, Exploring the Pro-Am interface between Produsage and Production, American arbitration Association, California, viewed 28 Aug 2013, <>

What are some of the things that can be created by communities of producers?

Communities can be engage towards produsage if the production is distributed in a format where users can build, collaborate and change content information from different opened source platforms. There are many users would go to Wikipedia to update and edit the information if necessary if the content is old. Encyclopaedia is generally brought to all users with knowledge and general information about a certain article they researching.

Can produsage eventually replace productive in some areas?

Produsage can replace production only if the community is engaged more often online to create their own content information whether it is on Facebook, twitter, Instagram or Wikipedia. This all depends on how social media companies strategized their business to gain a large community based on contribution of users input. The game call The Sims is also a perfect example of where the community are opened to add, edit or change details of their content in the game.

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