Is web 2.0 about user empowerment or user exploitation? and Are we were likely to produce more creative work in this era of Web 2.0 enabled participatory culture?

21 Aug

1. I think that web 2.0 is all about the user exploitation as there are many people these days using social media to express themselves as a user to have an interest from certain people to be added as a friend to gain in a relationship status or a long-time friend. Sometimes there users in the worldwide that does not follow the instruction properly, especially from the terms and conditions, where certain users posted inappropriate images, video and comments to other people. Bit Torrent is a good example that describes as an empowerment where users can download another data from another user such as downloading episodes, movies and music on-line from the internet.

This is a link of n article that explains about whether the Web 2.0 is whether a exploitation or empowerment.

Tech dirt 2013, Is web 2.0 about exploitation or employment?, Technorati Technology and marketplace, Sunnyvale, CA, viewed 21 Aug 2013, <>

-How have you experienced media convergence?

I think that most people would experience media convergence at their time using different Web 2.0 platforms through the internet. Technology play a big factor in our lives when you social media as part of way of communication, but also to purchase something online on a smartphone or a tablet in an efficient way. Where back in the day, we didn’t had the technology that allows us for communication and to purchase items online, also the internet was inefficient with loading and speed.

2. The era of Web 2.0 we have in nowadays can do so much interactivity that allows to communicate online as there are many television shows would have their own twitter account to allow fans globally to send out their tweets using twitter to express their thoughts and opinion about the show currently running such as Big Brother Australia 2013, this can be consider as a participatory culture to capture the attention of a fan base.

This is a timeline demonstrating the past, present and the future of Web technologies and platforms.

web 2.0 timeline

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