What are some reasons that social networking site fail?

15 Aug

The reason why social networking is failing because many users depict social media is the only way of communication. Facebook has dramatically changed so much since it was released, prior to the Facebook that we used in nowadays where technology plays an important part of our lives. My experience using my first ever social networking was Myspace, and I had a few problem where it didn’t have much feature capabilities whereas Facebook can create a lot of customise features.

Another issue with Myspace is that it doesn’t have a private chat room feature capability where as Facebook does have chat room to communicate friends on line. I still have a Myspace account but I don’t really use it anymore now that Facebook has overtaken and dominated the social networking category at the time. Facebook was so much more simplicity to adapt to whereas Myspace take a lot of time to load through the next page where adding and messaging your friends on-line to their profile account. Most people uses Facebook as a way socialise with people to message and comment on random stuff about their daily life and minds.



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