What would you change if you were a Wikipedia editor?

07 Aug

If we were the Wikipedia editor, we would need to change the information where it mentions ‘exclusiveness’. During our discussion as a group, we think Wikipedia exclusiveness is being wrong because social media get users to sell personal details online to other sites, especially private information and we think that should be locked in.

We think that Wikipedia could emphasize more on cyber bullying where major issues have occurred for past years where individuals use social networking to comment with inappropriate and offensive language towards other users.

We also discussed about an individual responsible for sending a tweet at Pink’s concert that mentioned “I’m ready with my bomb, time to blow up..” which referred to a song lyric had genuinely gotten taken out of context causing a disruptive scene at the arena with the alleged person (tweeter) was arrested and charged for that matter. Wikipedia also mentions about a filter bubble where users adapt social networking to place a comment and gets users attention to like or dislike the information. This information is then saved and the user is only presented with news, ads, and information regarding that particular field of interest (within the filter bubble) which may also be difficult to remove or alter.

A tweet from pink’s concert bombing attack using twitter. 



Wikipedia 2013, Social media, Wikimedia foundation inc, viewed 25 July 2013, <>


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